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TTC price.

No contractual visual.

ABYSSEA Inflator system 3/8

  • Système de gonflage haut de gamme :

    facile d'utilisation, performant et sécurisé*


    • 1er étage détendeur compensé
    • Connexion DIN 230 Bars
    • Soupape de surpression
    • Flexible tressé 3/8 homologué Comex - Longueur 1 m
    • Raccord 3/8 (pour le flexible) usiné sur mesure
    • Sortie de gonflage monté en MP à 14/16 bars
    • Ouverture par vanne quart de tour en inox marin
    • Manomètre HP 300 bars grande visibilité - Flexible court
    • Prof. max. de gonflage recommandée : 60 m



    Visuel non contractuel.

  • *Inflator system developed, secured by the choice of components of the manufacturer.
    However, safety can only be guaranteed if this inflation system is perfectly mounted on the diving tank, if the end of the inflation hose is firmly attached to the inside of the lift bag, if this material is not made or modified of its original setting, and if it is perfectly and regularly maintained.
    For any information, thank you to contact us.

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